In Development

Apatoto (For The Time Being)


Apatoto is the story of tentative truce. A story of acceptance. A story of a beginning. Set in middle-class Kolkata, this short film unfolds over one evening. A paralyzed man – a retired Army officer - and his aging wife is visited by their son, who lives in Mumbai. The father has not accepted the son’s gay identity, and the son rejects the father’s stance. This painful impasse has put the hapless mother in agony – of being torn in her affections for both these men. However, this particular evening - which happens to be the mother’s birthday - brings surprises. Caught off-guard, both the father and the son question themselves and their relationship. An understated film that promises to be a tear-jerker.
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It Started


Written by Bann Roy and Ken Brisbois and pitched as a web series, It Started is an exciting and intriguing saga that is set at the intersection of politics, music and cybersecurity. In an oppressive political regime, where fringe right wing views are becoming increasingly mainstream, much of the youth has solidified in resistance. Fueled by and propagating on the internet, some people have emerged as the stars of the resistance movement. But strangely, some of the prominent voices and faces have started disappearing, one by one. While the internet is abound with conspiracy theories explaining these disappearance, one journalist - Carmen Maurice - sets out to track down the truth. Carmen soon has to deal with an odd and terrifying question—did these people ever exist?
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This is a PSA spot for TV. Funded by Infosys Foundation USA, Notes aims to bring into sharp focus the lack of diversity in the tech industry. The spot utilizes a beautiful musical analogy to make a bold statement. What you see here is just a simple proof-of-concept of the spot. This video, in its very rudimentary state, was released on twitter during an international tech conference. Within half an hour it was re-tweeted over 3,000 times. We plan to make this TV spot with a known star who believes in and supports the mission of this spot. Think Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Jennifer Hudson and the like.
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